Clicker Training Horses & The Volunteering Horse

It's all about shaping and CHOICE!

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YES! You CAN clicker train your horse.

ClickerTrainingClicker training is an indisputably powerful training tool. My program enables horse people to unlock the full potential of this often misunderstood training method. Horses can be given CHOICE as part of their training. I can expect a favorable outcome if that choice has been set up in a fully supportive environment.


Shaping is a wonderfully creative, kind and generous way to train horses. The foundation of shaping is encouraging horses to offer behavior and then building desired behaviors through positive reinforcement.

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Instant download training plans

You can study in your own home by downloading videos, written material and lesson plans that are right for your skill level. Lessons can be printed and taken to the barn for easy study! Click here to download a free two page sample of a Clicker Tip.

Online Study Groups

We recognize that the mutual relationship between you and your horse is special and unique. We support that relationship with personalized coaching available on Facebook in our popular online study groups. Follow this link to find out about current courses and be sure to join us in the next class.

You can also check back regularly to see our latest blogs. Peggy's blog & Laurie's blog

Up coming events

Peggy Hogan will be presenting lectures at both Clicker Expos in 2018. This is the third year for an increase of horse related lectures at the Expo, and we would love to see you there! Los Angeles is Jan 19-21, St. Louis is March 16-18, don't miss out on this amazing learning opportunity!

North Carolina - Nov. 11-12

Santa Barbara - Sept. 29 - Oct. 1 - by invitation only. Filled.

Clinics, lessons and consultations

Pick the learning modality that fits your needs. We can arrange to have a clinic, workshop and even private lessons in your area. To learn more about hosting a clinic download this form. Contact us to learn more.