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Welcome. My name is Peggy Hogan and I’m committed to the process of teaching both people and horses the benefits of using the most humane training system available. Contrary to what many might think, this is not Natural Horsemanship. While Horse Whispering is very popular right now, there is a major change in the training techniques in Zoos, Professional Trainers, Marine Parks and movie industry. These professionals are turning to the use of a marker signal and food reinforcers for training. I’m convinced the horse world will eventually follow suit en mass, and I am enjoying being a part of the process. The biggest paradigm shift in training horses this way is how we can create
a “Volunteering Horse.”


The Volunteering Horse is a very special animal.  The Volunteering Horse offers behaviors and volunteers to participate in and even lead the training.  We, as the trainers of the Volunteering Horse, show him or her the way and then we follow where the horse goes.  We allow the horse to have a voice and a choice.  When we honor and listen to that voice, their lives are improved and enriched.  The Volunteering Horse becomes happier and more fun to be around.

Laurie Higgins:
The Volunteering Horse takes a special owner – one who will allow the horse his full personality, listen to the choices she makes, and hears her voice.  This is what builds a great, mutually understanding, trusting relationship.

Our mission is grounded in building desired behavior through positive reinforcement and teaching the horse to think on its own and solve puzzles.  When the horse experiences this independence, she is much more engaged in the process.  When he is more involved in this process, fully at liberty to choose to play “the game”, their their minds are challenged and their outlook on life improves.

The Volunteering Horse is more than just a happy horse who greets us at the gate to get a carrot. The depth of the available cooperation has a huge component of CHOICE, meaning the horse has the choice to participate.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit our other websites and webstore. www.thebestwhisperisaclick.com and www.clickertraininghorses.com/catalog.

Also, we have a great Facebook site where lots of informed people are chatting about clicker training. FB study group

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