When different species interact

Sometimes animal interactions just tickle me down to my toes. Today’s giggle came a little tiny bit at the expense of one of my minis, Handsome.

I went to the upper paddock to bring Handsome and McKee down to their more sheltered evening paddock. While I walked up there, I heard a Scrub Jay (Blue Jay) absolutely reading the riot-act to something/someone; he was in full-blown Blue Jay “scold” mode.

I stopped to look around, hoping I could see where he was. I saw Handsome and Moonshadow, standing sided by side. McKee was back in the distance. I looked in the trees and shrubs for the source, then looked back at Handsome.

It took me a second, but I finally realized that the noise maker was sitting on the hind end of my little horse. The jay was turning his head back and forth, shrieking instructions or something to both horses. I froze to watch.

Normally, Handsome is a bit reactive to new things, so I was amused when he seemed to be taking this all in stride. I’ve also seen birds sit on the horses before, so this scene was not totally new to me. Then the blue jay surprised me; he took aim with his beak and just poked Handsome on the butt. I couldn’t believe it, Handsome didn’t even budge.

I began to to grab my cell phone in hopes of catching this moment for sharing. My movement caught the eye of the jay, who promptly squawked and took flight. I wish I could have captured a quick video clip, but hopefully the description put a smile on your face.

It still amazes me how two such different species seem to work things out in such an interesting way.

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