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Fab :) I've found this course very very helpful -like all my courses with you guys. These little behaviours are so important and I can easily train them every day now without any special effort and I can really see how they are going to become really strong. I've been trying to do is sort out what makes Peggy's training so effective in comparison to other horse clicker trainers out there. It's something about never letting the horse be wrong immediately giving another cue for something so you can click, being generous generous generous and then more abundant with the treats and just feeding sometimes without the click. It's about freedom, freedom for the horse to choose to do things for you, getting the horse to 'magically' offer behaviour and then gently shaping it. It's a lot about really good cues and behaviours that are really truly on cue and that the trainer and the horse really understand the specific cue and the process of cues in general. How am I doing ? .... There's more 'magic' I'm sure :) I would recommend this course to everyone and if you are reading this and wondering if it's for you? just try it , you will be delighted you did.
Date Added: 04/17/2014 by Rachael Wherry
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